Apprenticeship at IBU-tec Group

A Future in Technical, Chemical and Commercial Professions

We have strong roots at both locations – in Weimar and Bitterfeld – and are pleased to regularly offer training places that enable many young people to start a new phase of life and have the future – because well-qualified specialists are needed more than ever!


In the vocational school and in the team of technicians, laboratory technicians or in the administration, you will get to know your new profession with experienced colleagues at your side.

Chemical Laboratory Assistant (m/f):

In the training as a chemical laboratory assistant, you will learn how various investigations are carried out and evaluate the results. The basics can be found in biology, chemistry and physics or poison science.

Office Management (m/f):

All areas of the company flow together in administration – this is where the tasks in office management come in: communication, accounting, event planning and much more!

Electronics Technician for Automation Technology (m/f):

Complex computer-aided systems require specialists who can handle them – a task in which technical and IT knowledge are essential.

Chemical Technician (m/f):

Chemical technicians produce all the chemical products that have become indispensable in our everyday lives. You control the production, work on plants and with the materials, both as a team and on your own responsibility.

Mechatronics Engineer (m/f):

Almost all devices are now dependent on computers. For the interface between digital technology and physical systems, we need mechatronics engineers! The training combines electronics, mechanics and computer science.

Industrial Management Assistant (m/f):

The implementation and subsequent monitoring of the commercial and business management tasks converge in this occupational profile. Foreign languages as well as media technology, various analyses and topics of purchasing are also important.

Electronics Technician for Industrial Engineering (m/f):

Electrical systems must be professionally installed and maintained, whereby it is often necessary to work hand in hand with other trades: Parts are newly manufactured, connections are laid, measurements are made and repairs are carried out.

Construction Mechanic for Steel and Metal Construction (m/f):

Much is designed in the company itself and must be realized and built independently. Metal constructions are put into action by the construction mechanics. Good spatial imagination is necessary, as well as reading and following complex plans.

Industrial Mechanic (m/f):

The field of work ranges from locksmith work to the production of individual pieces and the setting of production facilities. All this must also be maintained and monitored. The industrial mechanic also works with demanding plans and has to implement them.