Good Cooperation and Good Relations

As an internationally active corporation, IBU-tec Group obtains a wide variety of materials and services – both from regional and national partners throughout Germany, as well as from international suppliers. For our customers, we provide services and products that must meet high quality standards. These determine the requirements for suppliers.

Central Purchasing

The contact for suppliers of the IBU-tec Group is central purchasing. Relevant documents such as the supplier self-disclosure or our purchasing conditions can be downloaded on this page.

Please also note that when offers of raw materials are made, the product data sheets must always be attached!

To promote fair conditions along the supply chain, we obligate our suppliers within the framework of a compliance agreement to observe all legal standards applicable, especially the regulations regarding environmental protection and the prohibition of corruption and child and forced labor. We expect our suppliers to provide their own employees with fair wages, safe and discrimination-free working conditions. Should we find any of these standards in violation, we reserve the right to terminate the business relation.

Direct Contact:

Anja Eckardt
Head of Central Purchasing Procurement

Phone: +49 - 3643 8649 - 34
E-mail: eckardt(at)
German, English, French