Mission & Vision

Sustainable Solutions for our Clients and Society as a Whole

As an expert in specialty chemistry products, we are at a point where many of the pressing challenges of our times intersect. It is a position where we as a company can make a contribution develop sustainable solutions – bit it in the production of battery materials and container glass coatings, the development of new recycling processes for scarce building materials or the regeneration of rare earths. Together we can move towards a sustainable and livable future for clients, employees and our society.

Our vision. How we help shape the world of tomorrow.

The IBU-tec Group forms the foundation for a stable company that will continue to operate successfully for its customers at its current and future locations in 100 years' time.

We will become an internationally leading and independent provider of solutions for chemical synthesis and thermal substance treatment. We offer specialty chemicals services and products for existing and emerging markets.

With our high-quality battery materials, we will become a leading supplier in defined applications in the international market.

We act in a customer-oriented, responsible towards our employees and ecologically sustainable manner.

Our mission. Who we are and what we do for our customers.

The IBU-tec Group consists of IBU-tec advanced materials AG and BNT Chemicals GmbH. The Group offers its own products in the fields of battery materials and specialty chemicals as well as development and production services.

In addition to our high-quality battery materials, we also offer organotin catalysts, customer-specific catalysts and have micro- and nanoscale metal oxides in powder form or as a suspension in our range.

We provide our customers with complete service from material and process development to scale-up and contract production. In addition, we offer services in engineering and special plant construction. This applies both in the field of thermal treatment and in wet chemistry.

In addition, the IBU-tec Group has positioned itself as a development partner in the field of recycling high-quality recyclable materials.

For the realization, we used our own technology platforms, modular rotary kilns and our own patent-protected pulsation reactor technology, supplemented by agitators, columns, additional equipment and comprehensive material analysis.

We flexibly develop standardized products and individual customer solutions that are characterized by the highest quality and reliability.

We work on a wide range of topics and thus make a contribution to the sustainable use of resources and the protection of the environment.

As part of our entrepreneurial activities, we take into account the needs of our customers, neighbors, employees and assume our social responsibility.