Areas of Growth

Driving Forces of our Future Growth

IBU-tec's history and reputation as a development and production service provider regularly bring us into contact with topics that arise from current social trends – with growth markets. In these, we place ourselves with our own products and services in chemical synthesis and around thermal material treatment.

Growth Driver No. 1 – Battery Materials

In high-quality LFP battery material, we see the potential to achieve significant revenue for the Group. Applications range from stationary energy storage systems, electromobility or the maritime sector to the energy supply of headphones or hearing aids. Immediately available production capacities in Europe, good processability in cell production and high product quality form our competitive advantages.

Growth Driver No. 2 – Glass Coating

Apart from the IBU-tec Group, there is no other MBTC manufacturer in Europe! We already have a market share of 40%, which we want to further expand as the only European producer! Our new patented process contributes to this.

Growth Driver No. 3 – Services & Recycling

Increasingly complex solutions and ever more environmentally conscious consumers and customers are driving demands for recapturing ever greater quantities of recyclable materials. Our know-how in thermal process engineering through IBU-tec and in wet chemistry via BNT provide excellent platforms for capitalizing upon these trends. As a service, we open up capacities for new projects and processes in the recycling of valuable materials.

Growth Field No. 4 – Engineering

Decades as a service provider for projects with ever changing and usually quite demanding requirements have allowed expertise in rotary kilns to flourish at-tec, with which few others can offer. By providing engineering services, this know-how is further used to create value in order to support customers with sophisticated process solutions and special systems.