Active for the People in Our Region

Due to the long history of our main location, we are strongly rooted in the region, commitment to associations, communities and initiatives accompanies our business activities and strengthens the importance of the company beyond economic aspects. So, we support various projects, often with a focus on activities for children, sports or local events.

Commitment to Sports

Discipline, performance and team spirit are formed and promoted in sports – these qualities are also what we are looking for in our employees! For some time now, we have been maintaining a number of sports and health services for IBU-tec employees and supporting initiatives in the region, youth work.

Projects that we promote or have funded:

  • City of Weimar Onion Market Festival Children’s Run
  • Endurance sports club of the City of Apolda at the annual Moorentallauf run
  • Weimarer SC 1903 in the youth training of the football club
  • Free all-day primary school Anna Amalia with the purchase of new equipment for physical education
  • Various sports clubs with the purchase of new equipment

Social Commitment

We also have an open ear for social projects. Companies that reach a certain size or have been based at a location for a long time can often also acquire cultural significance for the communities.  They become points of contact for projects and good ideas that enable the company to get involved. At IBU-tec, we like to promote activities for children and young people.

Some initiatives that we support or have supported:

  • A reading and coloring book about the Weimar City Fire Brigade (K&L Verlag)
  • Trip for confirmands of the Evangelical Church.
  • Easter egg hunt "Auf zu Dr. Pfeiffer" in Weimar-Belvedere
  • Reading sponsorships at the Diesterweg school for daily newspapers
  • Sponsorship for bee-friendly flower strips in Kromsdorf
  • Graduation ceremonies of various schools
  • Support for a new crew transport vehicle of the Bitterfeld youth fire brigade