Acting responsibly for the environment and society

Sustainability is at the heart of IBU-tec Group's business activities. We are committed to our responsibility for the environment, society and employees. Whether with our products or with internal measures and processes – we want to contribute to maintaining a future worth living. The basis for this is our IBU2025 strategy, with which we have secured sustainability as one of the five strategic pillars for the long-term success of the IBU-tec Group.

This commitment to sustainable action has also been confirmed by external organizations. For example, we received the "EcoVadis Silver" award for sustainability management in the Group. EcoVadis is the world’s largest provider of sustainability ratings for companies. With an overall score of 67 points, the IBU-tec Group ranks among the top 10 percent of all companies worldwide in its industry that EcoVadis evaluated. The rating includes criteria from ethics, the environment, human and labor rights, and sustainable procurement.

Independent rating agency imug rating, which produces analyses for the financial markets, also rated the IBU-tec Group’s sustainability performance as “good”. The overall rating is made up of three subject areas: “ESG management”, “Products/Services” and “Controversies”. IBU-tec achieved 70 out of a possible 100 points across all areas, placing it in the upper midfield of the scale, which is divided into the gradations “weak”, “moderate”, “good”, “very good” and “excellent”.

Read the rating here.

Sustainability in action at IBU-tec


Environmentally friendly products
With its products and services, IBU-tec Group is a specialist for green technologies. Many of our innovations serve to increase efficiencies, conserve resources, develop more environmentally friendly alternatives or enable new properties in materials and products. Three of the four growth areas that we have defined in our IBU2025 strategy contribute directly or indirectly to a more sustainable way of life: battery materials, glass coatings and recycling. Together, these three key areas will account for around 75 percent or more of the IBU-tec Group's sales by 2025.

Active environmental protection
IBU-tec Group has voluntarily had its quality and environmental management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001. With the help of strict policies and procedures, we ensure that risks of air, water and/or soil pollution by our production processes is reduced to the fullest extent possible.  

In order to reduce our emissions footprint, we operate our own low emissions power system consisting of a photovoltaic system and combined heat and power plant which generates circa 10 percent of our total energy requirements and has thus far saved almost 600 t of COemissions throughout the Group. We are also modernizing the vehicle fleet by incorporating alternative drive technologies.

  • Certified quality- and environmental management system
  • Photovoltaic system and combined heat and power plant
  • Around 10% of our total energy requirements come from our own production
  • Group savings of around 600 t CO2  per year
  • 4 hybrid vehicles in fleet
  • 1 electric vehicle

Social Affairs

Working Conditions
Our employees are the greatest asset of the IBU-tec Group. Their safety and health is our top priority. For this reason, a comprehensive management system for occupational health and safety is employed throughout the Group, which is the direct responsibility of the Executive Board in terms of organization. For its efforts, the IBU-tec Group has received the "Safe with System" seal of approval from the Employers' Liability Insurance Association for raw materials and the chemical industry.

For us, there is an iron clad principle of non-discrimination against anyone on the basis of gender, cultural background or age. The following applies throughout the Group: equal remuneration with the same qualifications, activities and length of service. Employee voice and participation in workplace issues is also of great importance to us. At IBU-tec, for example, a designated staff member is available as a contact person for employees. At BNT, the interests of the employees are represented by a works council vis-à-vis the management.

Comprehensive operational services
A positive and appreciative working atmosphere will contribute significantly to the health and motivation of employees. The IBU-tec Group therefore supports its employees in furthering their education and in acquiring part-time degrees. We also attach particular importance to the compatibility of family and career. In this way, employees in those areas where it is possible can work flexitime and, if desired, completely or partially from the home office. Parents can also receive a subsidy for the costs of childcare and give their minor children a free holiday break in the summer. Depending on the location, other social benefits include shopping vouchers, free meals and drinks, a health fund that covers the costs of preventive examinations or glasses, as well as subsidies for company pension schemes.

    • Excellent occupational health and safety equipment
    • Comprehensive social benefits
    • Wage ratio between women and men: 1:1
    • Low turnover rate
    • Training and further education offers


    Strict Code of Conduct
    Good corporate governance is the be-all and end-all of sustainable entrepreneurial action. For this reason, the IBU-tec Group has adopted a strict compliance guideline as part of its management manual. It states what is self-evident for us in everyday business: We do not tolerate any corruption, bribery, discrimination and violation of rights of any kind. In our business agreements and relationships, we have the duty and expectation to act lawfully and professionally at all times. Employees of the IBU-tec Group are expressly called upon to report concerns regarding maladministration or suspicion of misconduct. The responsibility for compliance with the Code of Conduct lies with the company management. The same applies to purchasing, where we set strict compliance requirements for our suppliers.

    The Executive Board is also responsible for data protection. It works closely with an external data protection officer to ensure a careful and secure handling of the data of our customers, business partners and employees. IBU-tec Group is committed to the principles of data avoidance and data economy. It has also taken all necessary technical and organizational measures to protect highly sensitive data of customers and employees.

    Social commitment
    IBU-tec Group sees itself as a good corporate neighbor and is active in improving the community. We are actively involved in our neighborhood, for example by regularly working with local authorities at our Weimar headquarters. In addition, we contribute to the development of regional life by supporting regional initiatives.

      • Strict Code of Conduct
      • Professional Data Protection Officer
      • Social commitment