IBU-tec has acquired Specialty Chemicals firm BNT-Chemicals!

We proudly inform you that IBU-tec has purchased the specialist wet chemistry firm, BNT-Chemicals!

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  • BNT is a leading expert in the synthesis of organotin compounds with a wide variety of commercial usages
  • Its products are used as catalysts in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in the production of glass coatings, as well as in a wide variety of commercial applications
  • The Bitterfeld-Wolfen facility with circa 85 employees is located in the immediate proximity of IBU-tec’s new Bitterfeld production site  

As we seek to bolster our tolling-capabilities and increase customer service through the construction of our new plant in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the acquisition of BNT-Chemicals greatly increases our diversification, gaining IBU-tec valuable expertise in the wet chemistry industry, particularly in the field of organo-metallic compounds.

What does this mean for our clients?
With our new and improved capabilities we can collaborate on even deeper levels of the value chain. As with previous decades, IBU-tec’s core services shall remain available to you. Customers will continue to receive our expert support regarding all aspects of thermal processing, with more interesting tolling options on the horizon as our new Bitterfeld plant comes on line. These are exciting times at IBU-tec! We invite you to join our progress.

In case you have questions regarding the acquisition or thermal process engineering in general: Contact us!