Minister of the Environment Awards IBU-tec Sustainability Certification

IBU-tec's dedication to environmental protection was recently honored by Anja Siegesmund, Thuringian Minister of the Environment.

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During a recent April visit, Siegesmund met with our CEO, Ulrich Weitz and certified IBU-Tec in adherence to the Thuringia Sustainability Accord. The Accord is a voluntary agreement between the State of Thuringia and regional companies to peruse high levels of resource conservation, energy efficiency, employ environmental protection strategies and contribute to overall climate protection.    

During the visit, Siegesmund expressed interest in how IBU-tec is able to reduce on-site energy demand in addition to conserving valuable resources for customer and generating more efficient processes.

IBU-tec has for example, developed a process for better processing and recycling of rare earths - a win-win for both customers and the environment. Additionally, IBU-tec is researching and advancing catalysts and battery materials.

With Thuringia Sustainability Agreement certification, IBU-tec joins a limited group of approximately 650 other companies. The sustainability agreement initiative is supported by the Thuringian Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Nature Conservation and the Thuringian Ministry of Economics, Science and the Digital Society.

Photography source: NAThüringen