New IBU-tec Reactor Reduces Customer Trial Cost

Small Volume Pulsation Reactor (KM-PR) for Cost Effective Trials with Safe Handling of Hazardous Substances

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At the beginning of April, a new pulsation reactor went into operation at IBU-tec. This innovative small-scale PR allows our customers to obtain conclusive results with comparatively small amounts of raw material, which is of particular advantage when dealing with high value substances and subsequently reduces trial cost substantially.

Thermal shock treatment in the pulsation reactor will allow you to develop and produce material with different properties than is possible using standard methods. Customers with catalytic and ceramic materials have already realized significant improvements in comparison to other processes.

The new small-scale PR allows for much more effective analysis of a greater number of test points in a shortened time frame, increasing the validity of trial results. Due to the smaller size, less input material is needed to obtain the findings, further improving cost efficiency. Our new, purpose built plant is capable of safely handling even challenging materials.

For further information regarding small scale PR and our new reactors savings implications for you, please feel free to contact us!