New Rotary Kiln at IBU-tec: Trials & Production in Defined Gas Atmospheres

The commissioning of a new indirectly fired rotary kiln in Bitterfeld creates exciting possibilities for customers to process challenging materials in controllable process atmospheres.

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Expressly designed to implement complex processes cost-effectively, the new furnace can be operated with excellent temperature control and in over- and underpressure operations under special reaction atmospheres (e.g. hydrogen, oxygen or nitrogen). State-of-the-art automation significantly increases customer savings potential for project implementation.

The IDO 11 kiln is electrically heated with an operating temperature range of 100 - 1,150 degrees Celsius - depending on the material group, with a throughput of up to 400 kilograms of material per hour. Regulatory treatment of the exhaust gases is ensured by thermal afterburning and selective non-catalytic reduction.

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