Paper Sludge Recycling in Rotary Kilns - a presentation

The VCI regularly invites visitors to the Innovation Congress of Chemistry and Biotechnology, where lectures from various industries strengthen the links between science and business.

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While focusing on material cycles and options for the optimization of syntheses in modern chemistry, prospects for the more efficient use of energy and raw materials were discussed.

In this forum, IBU-tec is represented by Christian Klaus from our R & D department. Mr. Klaus presented the recycling of paper sludge.

Through thermal surveys conducted in a verity of IBU-tec's large rotary kilns, a complete solution for the cost-effective recovery of energy sludge was devised. The resulting system design and customer cost analysis could be used to demonstrate the economic viability of a customer project.

In the presentation you will find a description of the recycling process, along with an analysis of the cycles involved, with special regard to waste avoidance, energy recovery and recycling of recyclable materials.

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